Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Health update

So, I haven't done one of these before but I thought I'd give up a bit of an update.
The past few months my health has gone downhill but I'm seeing my neurologist on the 22nd and I've managed to bring forward my rheumatology appointment. (Both are in London so it will be exhausting but I'm seeing some really good specialists).
More recently I've not been my "usual" self. Christmas really knocked it out of me. Despite trying to pace myself and delegate my energy and sit out of certain things and focus on the positives like seeing family and playing lots of games. I think it might just have been the general busyness and having to do more than I normally do.
This month I'm back to eating some wheat/gluten each day for my coeliac test which is making me feel rubbish and majorly flaring up my  gastro pain and other symptoms. 
On top of that I've had a viral infection for the past 10 or so days; (with M.E. you usually have ongoing flu-like symptoms) so I've been sipping Lemsip's and some herbal tea for colds and flu I picked up at Orchard Barn (which actually helps) - I keep meaning to getting round to writing a blog/vlog about Orchard Barn and Integrative Medicine so look out for that. 
And then this past weekend I've had a really bad migraine; Saturday I was just laid in bed in the dark with my noise cancelling headphones on listening to an audiobook on the lowest possible volume.
Then yesterday I had a prolonged seizure episode and had my first trip to A&E of the year.
So all-in-all it's been a pretty rubbish time, but I'm trying to stay positives as difficult as that can be and stick to my word 'hope' for 2019. 

Monday, 14 January 2019

Birchbox: January 2019

 January's Birchbox was filled with some lovely treats which I all love and can't wait to try out including...

CLĒ Cosmetics, Essence Moonlighter in 'Copper Rose' (Full size, RRP £22) - This product is infused with pearl powder to highlight your face. I already have a highlighter on the go which is a stick so I'm excited to try out a different kind of highlighter. This was the lighter of the two shades to choose from so hopefully it will go with my pale skin. But I've tried it out on the back of my hand and it's a really pale shade and is very sparkly (and I know how much I love my glitter!)

 Afterspa, Facial Micro Scrubber (Full size, RRP £7) - Just what I needed! Really excited to try this product out when I next wash my face! I've just opened it up and it's a little hand mitt so it will be really easy to use. One side has the facial scrubber and on the other side is a soft flannel so its kind of a 2-in-1 product for washing your face and the exfoliator side doesn't feel like it will to harsh on your skin but will still give a nice exfoliation scrub.

*Update* just used this to wash my face and it's amazing! the flannel side was great to wet my face and rinse my face of and the scrub size worked well as an exfoliator but was still quite gentle on my skin and it's made my skin loves and soft ad hopefully using the exfoliator with my face wash will help clear out my pores.
 Dr. Botanicals,  in 'Lemon Superfood Nourishing & Balancing Cleansing Bar (Full size, RRP £5.90)  - Perfect timing as I've just finished my shower gel and I like washing with soap as it lasts ages and this bar of soap smells lovely and refreshing. It's also cruelty 
free and vegan and formulated with 98% natural ingredients.

 Sand & Sky, Brilliant Skin™ Purifying Pink Clay Mask (Sample size) - I love a face mask so looking forward to using this in a little self-care pamper session or pack in in my travel bag for a stay away or for hospital when I need a bit of a treat. 
This product has a "4-in-1 formula to detox, invigorate, refine and brighten your skin. It has aloe vera and pomegranate to tighten pores for a radiant skin."
A little something extra. You can never have too many hair bobbles, as they often grow legs and go walk-about and you literally find them everywhere, especilally if you have long hair!
I also got a sample size Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo which I've given to my Dad.

Now to go wash my face before bed!...

Sunday, 13 January 2019

One Second Every Day - January Week 2

Monday 7th January
So I woke up pretty early this morning due to pain because my left wrist had decided to dislocate and due to the pain despite being tired I couldn't nodded off. Thankfully some pain relief helped and I put my brace on too. I sorted out my meds for the day and took my breakfast meds and then had something to eat. I then dozed on the sofa and then migrated to bed. I then slowly got myself washed and dressed and put on some make up.
Just after 2pm Dad and I left the house as we had a meeting. at 2.30pm I met my new advocate and then at 3pm we had a multidisciplinary meeting.
The meeting went okay; it helped having my advocate there. We came up with a plan, it just hoping that that plan actually happens and it put into place. We decided it wasn't time for me to restart to TC and my physical health needs to be sorted first.
I was pretty wiped out when we got home and my stomach and nausea has been quite bad since I've gone back to eating some gluten for my coeliac test so I curled up on the sofa with a wheat heatie and some herbal tea Dr Sally made up for me and I ended up dozing.
We then had tea and after tea Dad, Mandy and I watched a film called 'Dumplin' which was quite good.
I've been struggling with flashbacks this evening so I've been distracting myself with YouTube as even though I'm physically and mentally exhausted I know if I went to sleep I just be laid their with my mind in overdrive and making me go into crisis. I've now finally taken down my Christmas cards and I've put the TV on and I hope to get to bed too as I have to be up earlier than usual as one of my community nurses is going round at some point between 9am and 1pm.

Tuesday 8th January

Woke up feel awful and not helped by not taking my night meds when I opened up my tablet box. I slept through my alarm but thankfully my community nurse didn't come until around 11am and I apologised to her for still being in my pj's. Lemsip, cyclizine (anti sickness) for breakfast (and then some porridge when the nausea settled). After the nurse left I was too tired and ill to make my way back upstairs to bed so I slept on the sofa. I've been sipping on some herbal tea for colds and flu that I picked up from Orchard Barn and I think that's helping. It's now 2.50pm and I more awake and feeling a bit better but my vision is still a bit burly and i'm still feeling quite dizzy and weak but I'm feeling a bit more human and I've got out my clothes, though it was tempting to stay in my new pj's (brushed cotton zebra print pj's). I did have an appointment this afternoon with my support worker from L&H but I text her to cancel so I could rest and we've rearranged for next week. I spent the afternoon sipping on herbal tea and resting in bed and had an early night.

Wednesday 9th January

Had my carer this morning. Needed to run some errands. Finally dropped off my old inhaler canisters and medicine bottles off at the pharmacy to be recycled/incinerated (it was quite a large bag!); we then had to nip back home as I forgot to pick up my Next parcel to return. We then went to Next and returned the jeans; I tried on some other ones I saw but they weren't comfortable when I was in a seated position which is kind of essential for me. In the accessible changing room the emergency red cord (one of my missions for the year) was tucked up on on of the hooks as well as tied up so I unhooked it and put on a Euan's Guide card and informed the lady on the tills that the red cord needed unknotting and that I'd left and info card. 
We then trekked over to Tesco. I took some photographs to upload to my Euan's Guide review. The emergency red cord in the toilet was untied but I still left a card. I sent a tweet to both Tesco and Next and Next replied asking which store it was and hopefully they will rectify the issue (the power of social media!). When we got to Tesco I was due a drink and Jess wanted something to eat so we sat in the café for a bit and then did our shopping. 
I got home and waited for Vicky my hairdresser to come and trim my fringe. I then updated my Euan's Guide review of Tesco's. 
Mandy and I then watched the New Year's episode of Doctor Who and I was nodding off so when it finished I when an had a nap. 
I've got a couple of PostCrossing postcards to write and I received 2 letters today from my pen pals so my plan for the rest of the evening (depending on energy levels) is to write some letters or postcards and watch Silent Witness.

Thursday 10th January
Still feeling full of cold and general yuckyness so stayed in my pj's until Jess (carer) came. Was planning on posting some mail but just decided to get a bath and have Jess help me make some lunch. Tired out after so just laid on the sofa with the TV on. When Dad got home he made tea and we watched a documentary. In the evening when Mandy got home we watched a crime drama and then I headed to bed. 

Friday 11th January

Struggled to get up this morning. Spent a while in my pjs getting distracted before finally getting dressed mid afternoon. Once Was dressed I was tired out so I curled up on the sofa with a wheat heatie. Myoclonic seizures and muscle spasms where playing and they were going on for a while and I couldn't use my phone so I called CareLink to call Mandy for me. This evening some friends of Dad and Mandy's from church came round and I joined them to play some games before my body decided to have a few seizures. Dani from church also asked me if I could crochet a baby blanket so that will be enjoyable to do.

Saturday 12th January
Not had the best of days. Woke up usual time in an attempt to get into a wake-up routine. Not long after having breakfast whilst watching TV I had a seizure which I had not warning about. Dad tucked me up in a blanket and closed the blinds in the living room and told me to get some sleep and I had a few hours sleep on the sofa. Waking up I felt a bit groggy and realised I missed my breakfast/morning meds - (major oops!). I watched TV for a bit but felt utterly yuck. Slowly feeling worse I migrated to my bedroom to lay on my bed and watch something on my laptop but a migraine was slowly creeping in. I took some PRN (as and when needed) medication including sumatriptan (migraine prevention meds), paracetamol, dextrose and cyclizine (anti-emetic aka anti-sickness). Migraine worsening I switched off my laptop and put on my noise cancelling headphones with Harry Potter on audiobook on the lowest volume possible and laid in the dark and half dozed and tried to keep sipping on juice. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in quiet and darkness, even using on a small light to take my tablets hurt. Medication did help and although I did have some very minor hemiplegic migraine symptoms it wasn't full-on hemiplegic, more and a migraine with aura (with severe eye pain) with minor hemiplegic symptoms. 

Sunday 13th January

Feeling much better than I did yesterday. Got up at my now usual routine time but stayed in bed (awake) for the morning, partly to rest and partly because I got side-tracked with an issue with one of my email accounts. This afternoon  I was productive and sorted out all of next week supplements into my new pill box thing. I started to feel a bit unwell and a bit headachy so I laid on the sofa in the dark with a heat pack for a while. After tea I took my Shellac™ off and painted my nails until I can get round to doing them with Shellac™ again. Dad was going to wash my hair but I decided to delegate my spoons/energy into my nails and wash my hair tomorrow. I'm now tucked up in bed with a wheat heatie, my aromatherapy diffuser on and ready to listen to some Harry Potter and get to bed at an acceptable-ish time (it's a few minutes after 11pm and my aim is to try and get settled down around 10/10.30pm so I'm slowly bringing the time down. The joys of M.E. and sleep reversal/insomnia.

Disability representation in retail

In the news recently a bridal shop has come under praise for having a window display with a mannequin sat in a wheelchair, and whilst this is amazing and is showing inclusivity of disability in the retail industry instead of celebrating should we be asking "why isn't this the norm?".

Artist and TV presenter Sophie Morgan (who herself is a paraplegic) has designed a product called the 'Mannequal' - "a wheelchair for mannequins that is both a style guide for wheelchair users and a symbol of inclusivity".
British businesses could be losing out on a potential £420 million a week by failing to target disabled consumers. - BBC News 
But as well as wheelchairs why can't other disabilities/impairments be shown in the retain industry. Sure having a mannequin sat down give you an idea of what clothes are suitable if you're in a seated position (something that I'm faced with myself when clothes shopping). But What about the scope for mannequins with prosthetic legs or an arm amputee like the model Kelly Knox who won the modelling show 'Britain's Missing Top Model'. Of course only visible disabilities can be shown but I think that mannequins who are "differently normal" and represent disabilities/impairments should become the norm as after all there are over 11 million people with disabilities/chronic illnesses/impairments in the UK*.
*UK Disability Facts and figures

All-in-all I think that the retail industry has a long way to go, but little gestures like the bridal shop and stores using things like the 'Mannequal' are making progress in representing consumers with a disability. 

Sophie with 'Mannequal'

Monday, 7 January 2019

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

So I've come across this vlogger Jessica Kellgren-Fozard.

I first came across Jessica in a BBC 3 show called Britain's Missing Top model which was aired several years ago. This was a TV show where women with a variety of disabilities took part in different modelling challenges from pin-up photoshoots to TV adverts to catwalk shows.

Jessica has her own YouTube Channel which can be found here, and her blog/website can be found here.

Watching Jessica's videos has taught me a lot. They've helped me embrace my disabilities/chronic illness and accept that I live with a dysfunctional and often uncooperative mind and body. But also that even though she posts about her disabilities/chronic illnesses that there's more than just that in her life - her love of fashion, vintage things and her lovely wife and dogs, and it's made me look at what I love; putting my disabilities/chronic illnesses aside even though they're still there 24/7. And Jessica's video today where she films herself mid migraine and in pain she's taught me that I don't need to be wearing makeup and a smile, or even day clothes when I make my YouTube videos and grow my channel, so I'm going to go ahead and try and make more videos even if I'm still in my pjs or not wearing makeup or when I'm having a bad symptom day.

Jessica has also shown the possibilities of life with a disability/chronic illness. That I can still do things, but maybe in a different way. Or maybe with a bit of humour. 

She also fights for the equality and impact society has on people with disabilities/chronic illnesses - even the straw ban! And she does it with style and humour which I love.

I'd really recommend checking out her YouTube channel.
It's easy watching, especially if you're too brain fogged to watch the TV. There's videos on all sorts of things including disability topics, quakerism, videos with her wife, lookbooks, and even some Low FODMAP recipes!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

One Second Every Day - January Week 1

Tuesday 1st January
Got up and slowly sorted myself out and made my way downstairs. Stayed in my pj's and watched TV. 
Determined to keep to my 2019 goals I got dressed in my dinosaur pinafore dress and put on some make-up. 
Didn't quite manage my goal of taking all my meds and physio but I have all year to work on that and maybe I'll do some yoga before bed if I'm not too tired. 
Mandy and I are currently watching the final episode of Desperate Housewives - what are we to do now?! 
Netflix also deleted Pretty Little Liars so I sent them an annoyed Facebook message and Tweet. Hopefully they will get back to me.

Wednesday 2nd January
Spent most of the day in bed, though I did get dressed (just) before 12pm today, though it was a no make-up comfy clothes day, but we're all allowed days like that. 
It's been quite a productive day. I made a list of everyone I wanted to put in my birthday book and sent them a message and as each person contacted me I put their birthday in my birthday book and ensured I had their up-to-date address. I also went through the upcoming medical appointments an ensured I had them in my iCalender (when my diary arrives I'll do the same). I also called orthotics to see if my knee brace had arrived and I also booked an appointment for my celiac blood test in 4 weeks but if the gluten makes me too ill I'm just going to call it quits. The dietician said 2-3 of bread per day should be enough so that's what I'm doing and eating gluten free the rest of the time. 
I've not been good at taking my empty stomach meds (saccuharomyces boulardii - how to pronounce it I do not know!) today but I'm working on getting better at remembering to take it. 
(Writing this in on Thursday). In the evening we watched Tuesday's and yesterday's 'Luther' episodes but I had a prolonged episode of seizures so I need to catch up on what I missed. Dad go me comfortable on the floor when I came round but I was still full body myoclonic spasming and my speech had gone stuttering. After a short while Dad got me some pain relief and then helped me up to bed and put the TV on as a distraction and kept checking in on me. I was still spasming for quite a while which kept me awake. I eventually gave in and asked Dad to draw me up a little bit of diazepam. I generally play it by ear as to what to take and how much but where possible I try and step medication up so I started with a little bit of pain relief and pain can make my spasms worse as my brain is misfiring signals and then take it from there. It took a while to get off to sleep so I gave myself a bit of a lay in.

Thursday 3rd January
Managed to just about take all my meds properly up until the evening where I took my meds later than I should have (but there's always tomorrow to try and get it right) but I have remembered to take all my empty stomach meds! I also managed to put on a dress and leggings and put on a bit of make-up today. I've spent most of the day on my bed either making cards (and then tied up) or putting letters together (and tidying up after myself again, even if it did require a break in between). In between the card making I got dressed (around 2.45pm), rested, made a few phone calls and received a few - rheumatology at UCLH called and they've brought my appointment forward and made it a face-to-face appointment as I sent an email saying that my health has declined and I've managed to get it on the same day I'm at Cleveland Street for the COPE Pain Management intro session so even though it will be a super-exhausting-early-start-late-finish day it just means one trip to London and I can sleep in the ambulance and I have some in the back with me should my body decide to throw a protest. I also did my make-up and caught up on the second episode of Luther which I missed thanks to my seizures. It's much nicer having a tidy bedroom and I'm pleased with myself for keeping it tidying as it's so much more peaceful, even if tidying up is exhausting. I need to find a tidier way of writing letters! I also asked Mandy if she could help me to organise my wardrobe so all my clothes hang in some sort of order to make it easier to find things (that is when I'm wearing human clothes and not pjs!). It's day 2 of my gluten coeliac challenge and even though I'm just eating 2 slices of bread a day it's starting to get to me. I just hope I can last the month. This evening we watched the 3rd episode of Luther but my concentration was atrocious so i may need to rewatch it tomorrow. Right, now Dad's brought upstairs my night time herbal tea for me it's time to get into my pj's and settle down.

Friday 4th January
Spent the morning watching TV in bed. 
After Dad got back home form his little bike ride I got washed and dressed and did my make-up. 
Uncle Mark and Holly came round for tea. Holly had a cuddle with Flop and then we let him have a run around on the floor.
At 7.30pm I meant some of the girls from church at Starbucks and we had drinks and chatted. We then headed over to the cinema to watch 'Mary Poppins Returns' which was quite good. I've been good with taking my meds today though my bedtime doses where late because I was at the cinema. 
When I got home I took my meds and uploaded reviews of Starbucks and the cinema onto Euan's Guide.
I'm now going to get into my pj's and into bed as it's getting quite late.

Saturday 5th January
(Writing this on the Sunday so can't fully remember what I did so I putting in what I'm remembering and i might be a bit disjointed and out of chronological order). I know I managed to get all my meds taken and on time - yay! I also did some letter writing and tidied away after myself. I did do some more clearing out and reorganising. Mandy also helped me sort out my wardrobe. I did go to bed a bit late. I'm planning to hopefully slowly reduce the time I'm actually going to bed so that eventually I go to bed at the time I need to go to bed to give myself enough sleep. Main issue is pain, getting comfortable and getting distracted even though I'm physically, mentally and cognitively exhausted and can't actually focus on what's distracting me. My stomach was also hurting quite a lot. Oh, my Paperchase order arrived a few hours after contacting them asking where my order was. So I spent some time setting up my diary.

Sunday 6th January
Woke up in time to go to church and got dressed, meds and breakfast in time but wasn't feeling 100% and I was quite tired (more tired than when I actually finally went to bed) and feeling unrefreshed. So instead I heated up my wheat heated and curled up on the sofa and watched TV as I knew if I went back to bed I'd be in too much pain with my tummy to sleep, though I did dose on the sofa. I'm trying really hard to eat enough gluten for my coeliac test as its starting to get to me.
I've spent most of the day curled up on the sofa and then early/mid afternoon I migrated to my bed and did some blog updating which took quite a long time. 
I've just had tea and yesterday one of nails broke so my Shellac on that nail looks awful so I might take my Shellac off tonight. Dad also suggested watching a film. 
Also, my highlight of the day (and rather sad) was Beth giving me a tub of dairy free Ben & Jerry's ice-cream!!! I've always wanted to try it and now I can; I didn't even know the sold it locally! 
Film watched, it was called 'Birdbox' and it was really good. I haven't gotten round to doing my nails but it's something to do another day.
I'm now settling into my nighttime routine of putting on my aromatherapy diffuser with 'sleep better' aromatherapy oil, putting on my pj's putting on 'sleepy' moisturiser and an audiobook and sipping on some nighttime herbal tea. I'm trying to get to bed earlier and into a routine with is one of my missions for this year.
I've managed to take all my medication correctly today except one tablet as I forgot to put the timer on on my watch after I'd had some lunch.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

2018's Warrior Beads

  • 81 tonic-clonic seizures episodes
  • 27 appointments
  • 8 long distance appointments (1 in Sheffield, 7 in London)
  • 12 incidences where I've needed IV drugs/infusions
  • 14 cannulas/blood draws/injections
  • 10 trips to A&E
  • 5 ECG's
  • 13 ambulances
  • 3 x-rays/CT scans
  • 5 incidents where I've needed oxygen
  • 5 days of having an EEG
  • 5 days in hospital
  • 1 time of being nil-by-mouth
  • 2 OT assessments/physiotherapy sessions
  • 1 new wheelchair
[Image description: multicoloured beads representing different things, there are also some heart shaped beads ad some beads shared like transport vehicles/sea animals. In the centre are beads spelling 'Naomi' and an angel bead and large glittery bead.]

Friday, 4 January 2019

2018 PostCrossing Stats

[Image description: first image is a pie chart of all the PostCrossing postcards I sent in 2018 with a colour for each country. Each country is labeled with the number of postcards I sent to. Germany, then Russia then USA are my top 3. The second picture is a pie chart of all the PostCrossing postcards I received in 2018 with a colour for each country. Each country is labeled with the number of postcards I got postcards from. Germany, Russia and the USA are the top three again.]

Monday, 31 December 2018

2019 goals and missions and my word for the year

So I'm not one for setting New Year's resolutions but there's some things that I would like to do more of and set myself to do next year:

  • Do my nails and make-up more often plus dress-up more
  • Keep up with my 'One Second Every Day' project (and remember to do it each day!)
  • Continue working on and growing my blog
  • Remember to put image descriptions on my blog and on my blog's social media accounts.
  • Grow my YouTube channel and improve my video making skills
  • Write reviews for Euan's Guide (online accessible places trip advisor)
  • Make it my mission to improve the accessibility of red cords using the red cord cards I've ordered fro Euan's Guide
  • Get into a better day and sleep routine
  • Remember to take all of my tablets correctly and on time
  • Get better at doing my physio exercises/stretches and 'Yoga for M.E.'
  • Keep my bedroom tidy and tidy up after myself (even if it requires a nap/breaks)
  • Keep up with my Warrior Beads project
  • Get back into my Bravery Bottles project
  • Look into going on a holiday with Revitalise (accessible holidays for people with disabilities)
  • Make Instagram stories and create highlights to document my year
  • Get better at sending out birthday cards
  • Keep on top of my emails!
There's more I'll probability add and develop as the year goes on.

2018 was also the year of 'gratitude' I pic a word to try and live by each year. i've been thinking a lot about what my next word will be and lately I've been feeling stuck and low which my health and funding for various things going no happening so I think my word for 2019 might be 'hope'.

[Image description: the word 'hope' written in black handwritten writing]

One Second Every Day: December 2018 - Week 5

  • Monday 24th December - Paced myself today but had a few things on my to-do list. I cleaned out Flop and I did my nails with Shellac. My cousin Becka and her husband Tom are staying for a few days and they arrived this evening. Then my Uncle Mark and his girlfriend Holy came round and so did my Uncle Paul and Auntie Judith and we played some board games which is two to the things I enjoy most about Christmas - family and playing games. Apart from uncle Mark and Holly all out other family live away in various parts of the country so we've never seemed them very often and Christmas is the time of year where I get to see everyone (My Auntie Wendy, Uncle Alan and cousin Owen are coming at New Year).
  • Tuesday 25th December - Up early as family came round for 9am to open presents. I started to eel a bit off so Dad got me into bed and I went back to sleep for a few hours. Mandy was at work for a few hours today. I got some lovely gifts. During the day I just chilled out and watched TV. In the evening family came round and we played some games. Unfortunately I had a few seizures which I had no warning of which has been happening more lately. When I can round my brain was a bit scrambled so I just sat and watched some easy watching TV and Gracie my cousin's mini (literally) dog kept me company which was the best medicine. One of my favourite presents was an aromatherapy diffuser. You put water and essential oil in it and it sends out a scented mist which makes the whole room small lovely. It also has a light function so you can either have it as a colour changing light or as a set colour (or off if you don't want it on).
  • Wednesday 26th December - Slept in recovering from yesterday. In a bit of pain and I'm feeling tired. Dad and Wes have gone to Leeds to watch the football so the hose was nice and calm which was nice. Mandy and I watch some TV together and then I had a nap on the sofa and then watched a film. I then got out of my scruffy/comfy day clothes and put on some make-up which I've been meaning to do for the past few days. Sandra (Mandy's mum) came round and Dad and Wes got home and we had tea. We then spent the evening playing games including Bananagrams which I got from Dad for Christmas. I tried to have an early night but sleep just wouldn't come. When I last saw Dr Sally she's going to look at what I can have to help me with my sleep.
  • Thursday 27th December - Had a little lay in this morning. Once I was out of bed I got dressed as Beth was coming round. Dad and Wes went out to play golf so it was just Mandy and I. I did my make-up which always makes me feel better and I think in the new year I'm going to try and do my make-up more often; even if I'm not going out as I'm dong it for myself. I've spent today pacing myself. Doing some letter writing, watching a bit of Netflix, resting, updating my blog as I've fallen behind with it. As 'm typing I could really do with a nap but I'm trying not to in the hope I sleep well tonight *fingers crossed* as that's just not happening at the moment. The most ironic thing about having M.E. I find is that during the day you're fighting off sleep yet come bedtime you're a total insomniac! I've just taken my tea time meds and I might have a bath this evening if I can manage it. And I'm going to make sure that I tidy away my letter writing things as it's nice having a tidy bedroom and that should help with my sleep routine and it also suggested for people with M.E. that spend a lot of time in bed that having a tidy room is quite important (I bought a really helpful book on living with M.E.). I also got round to making a Paperchase order today for a diary next year so I can keep a track of medical things as I've found that helpful this year. Yesterday I also ordered some mire essential oils for my diffuser which came today - Dad got me a sleep blend for Christmas but I now have 'Energy' and 'De-Stress' so I can use my diffuser during the daytime now.
  • Friday 28th December - (my computer decided to reboot and even though I saved this post It deleted today, tomorrow and Sunday so I'm typing what I can remember). Spent most of the day in bed resting, napping, watching TV and writing some letters. It's lovely having a nice bedroom to relax in. Early evening my Aunty Wendy, Uncle Alan and cousin Owen arrived. Went spent the evening playing games. Firstly Owen's choice - Fortnight monopoly, then we played tabletop curling which was good fun even though I was rubbish as it. Then when own went to bed we played Codenames which I love.
  • Saturday 29th December - At breakfast Wes amused himself making Flop a new house out of a shoebox and some cardboard. Most of the day was spent replying to letters. Around 4pm Mandy's family started to arrive and her niece and nephew's where very hyper and noisy so I stayed upstairs. I did come down for something to eat but then went back upstairs.
  • Sunday 30th December - Made it to church this morning and it was my first time witnessing a water baptism. After a gentleman I know from the Bible course came up to encourage me to think about getting baptised and another lady I know came to say hello as she hadn't seen me for a while which was nice and much appreciated. I was getting tired by the end and my hand spasms where playing up. I had a rest when I got home. Dad took Wes to Doncaster to catch his train an when Mandy got home from work we watched 'Ant Man' which was quite good. In the evening Dad, Mandy and I watched another film called 'Man Up' which was also quite good and then I headed to bed.
  • Monday 31st December - Set my alarm for 9.30am and 10am to get out of bed but accidentally fell back to sleep and woke up at 11.17am - oops! Got up and had something to eat and watched TV. I then had a wash, got dressed and did my makeup and then Dad and I went to the Post Office as I had a stack of mail and an Etsy shop order to post. I then came home an rested for a bit and then changed my bedding, got something to eat and watched some more TV. Dad and i are now currently watching a film called 'Apollo 13'. The film was interesting. After I watched some TV and Dad helped me do some more tidying/clearing in my room. In the process Dad fond some Christmas presents I though had been lost i the post. Now I'm just settling myself into bed. I'm not going to going to stay up until midnight. partly because I don't feel positive about anything to celebrate and partly because I want to try and get into a better sleep routine.

Gratitude List...
  • Ability to go to church this week and for the people that came to talk to me
  • Family time
  • Flop cuddles
  • My Dad taking me to the Post Office
  • Pen pals
  • Quiet moments this week

Disability and BBC's The Apprentice

I've been meaning to make this post for a while. As This year's The Apprentice has been and gone and as I do every series I wonder "could someone with (particular) disabilities/chronic illnesses" ever participate in such a show despite the findings that "Disabled people make the best entrepreneurs" (link to BBC Ouch! podcast).

For those that don; watch the show 16 contestants compete in weekly business related challenges such advertising, selling, margin buying etc and each week at least one contestant is sent home. The winner wins £250,000 in a business partnership deal with Lord Alan Sugar, a business tycoon and the money helps them launch their own business.

In the show participants have to be up at ridiculously early times some times and often have very short windows to get ready each week (well, from what they make out on the show); they have to run around from A-Z to complete tasks; access various shops and buildings; work long hours; communicate with each other, customers, potential clients and other people just to name a few elements of the show.

Many of these things would be impossible to adapt, so is the show exuding some great potential entrepreneurs because they have a disability/chronic illness?

Friday, 28 December 2018

December 2018 Birchbox


"Twinkle All The Way"

This month's Birchbox was filled with a few extra treats.

 LARITZY Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in 'Tidal' which is a lovely dark rosy pink colour.


Percy & Reed 'Totally Hydrating TLC Mask'
A moisturising hair mask. I've received other Percy & Reed products from Birchbox and received good results so I'm popping this away to use in a little self-care paper session.

Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask
"This innovative sheet mask reacts with the oxygen in the air to form tiny bubbles when you place it on your face. Not only does it result in a hilariously foamy face but it purifies and smooths skin for a radiant complexion"
This sound quite a fun product to use and I'm looking forward to trying it out.
Rituals - The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Cream
I LOVE Rituals products, they just smell amazing. I've tried theirs other product ranges but I've not used this product range before but I'm sure it will leave my skin smelling lovely.
Benefit 'Chachatint'
'Mango-tinted lip and cheek stain. I already have this product from another Birchbox and love the colour. A little goes a long way so it lasts ages.
Birchbox hair comb. Something I've been needing but not yet gotten round to buying so thanks Birchbox!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what next year's Birchbox's will include. 
My cosmetics/toiletries stash is already quite extensive already but it's nice to have a selection and save products to use and have a little self-care TLC pamper session.