Thursday, 17 May 2018

GUEST POST - Jess's Poem about BPD for Mental Health Awareness Week

I wrote this poem in response to reading an article about how "therapists don't like people with BPD*". It pulled quite a few heartstrings, and made me fear that stigma is not only with people that are unaware of mental health conditions, but also those who treat it. It triggered a great deal of fear for me, personally. The poem is meant to highlight that everybody is individual, and the fact that articles like this exist is very, very scary.

Attention seeker?
Truth speaker.
I don't want your sympathy;
How about listen to me.
Impulsive behaviour,
There is no saviour,
Only myself.
But I'm left on a shelf 
Inside a book that is titled 
Borderline personality disorder.

Labelled as a challenge, 
Unrealistic expectations.
I can tell you my expectations, 
You're going to open the book 
But you'll be mistook,
I am not the labels you put on me
I am me.
But hopefully you'll see
I am scared
But I have reason to be.

*BPD is short for Borderline Personality Disorder, also know as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). To understand more about BPD/EUPD check out these helpful sites:

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