Friday, 4 May 2018

M.E. Essential Magazine - ME: More severe than MS

The latest magazine was packed with some really helpful and interesting articles including communicating with your Dr which is really relevant for me at the moment. There was also an article sharing a recent study that found that in some cases M.E. is more severe that MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

I'm not discrediting that MS, but reading the article it highlights to daily struggles that people with M.E. have, such as with benefits and the stigma of the illness. 

"Now, the study shows that people with M.E. can be more disabled than those that suffer from MS, a similar, but recognised illness"

"Scientists found that the people with M.E. were 'measurable more disabled' that those with MS, work fewer hours and have lower incomes."

"People with M.E. continue to struggle to to have their condition recognised was disabling in the face of public and professional prejudice and discrimination."

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