Monday, 25 March 2019

A-Z of survival tips for UK FND Awareness Day 2019

Acceptance of what you can and can't do
Breathing exercises
Communication aids 
Essential information, such your care plan
Glasses, especially if you're photosensitive 
Headphones, especially helpful as a distraction or to reduce noise overload
Jotting down notes, especially important things
Knowing when to ask for help
Looking  after yourself, your physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs
No, knowing when to say no
Sleep routine 
Time out to look after yourself
Useful contacts, especially for emergencies
Vent, speak with a friend/family member or professional
Work/life/rest balance 
X - eXpressing yourself, you needs and your care wishes
Yes, knowing when to say yes
Zzz's, getting plenty of sleep

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