Hello and welcome to my blog, I'm Naomi. I'm 26 and live in England.

I have multiple different disabilities which is you want to find out more about the click 'About my illnesses' in the menu of my blog (or you can just click on the link).

As well as writing about disability I share a weekly journal with my 'One Second Every Day' project video, and posts about non-health related things I'm into such letter writing, baking and beauty.

I started this blog as a place to share my life living as a way to raise awareness of the up and downs and reality of living with different illnesses ad disabilities to try and raise awareness and understanding. Of course mine is just one of many stories and even two people with the same illnesses will be uniquely different.

Since starting my blog it has evolved over time.

I also wanted use my blog to allow others to have a voice o share their story so I gather guest posts for awareness events, or I will share guest blog posts if there a particular topic someone wants to write about such as their hobby.

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