Bucket List

So I thought I share with you some of the things on my bucket list. Some things are a bit far off, but hey, you can dream...
  1. Go for cocktails
  2. Visit a cat café
  3. Have afternoon somewhere posh
  4. See a ballet
  5. Visit Harry Potter Studios (again)
  6. Visit some more National Trust places
  7. Ride a horse again
  8. Get back into my art
  9. Start and finish and art journal
  10. Own a typewriter
  11. Own a polaroid camera
  12. Go on a spa break
  13. Go stargazing
  14. Have a go at wheelchair sports
  15. Start vlogging
  16. Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum
  17. See a musical
  18. Finish a whole 365 day 'One Second Every Day' project
  19. Get back into my voluntary work
  20. Go back to University and graduate
  21. Do a Masters degree
  22. Train and work as a Child Psychotherapist 
  23. Have my own property; a place of my own
  24. Go sit-skiing
  25. Visit Shetland and Orkney Isles
  26. Visit the Channel Islands
  27. Visit Cornwall
  28. Visit Finland and stay in a glass igloo and visit Moomin World
  29. See the Northern Lights
  30. Go to Disney World or on a Disney Cruise

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