Chronic Migraines

The term 'Chronic Migraines' is given to when people experience 15 or more headaches a month. It is a recently defined sub-type of Chronic Daily Headaches.

Each year between 2.5% and 4.6% of individual with episodic migraines experience will progress to experience chronic migraines.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised that migraines worldwide have the same affect on individuals as those with dementia, quadriplegia and acute psychosis. Futer to this WHO recognises that chronic migraines are more disabling than blindness, paraplegia angina or rheumatoid arthritis. 


Just like episodic migraines there are a multitude of causes. Some examples could e caffeine, bright lights, hormonal changes, certain foods or medication and lack of sleep.


Chronic migraines affect around 610,00 in the UK, which is roughly 1% of the population.


The treatment of chronic migraines is the same as the treatment for episodic migraines. These include pain relief medications and triptan medications.Lifestyle changes can also help as well as an understanding of what the individual's triggers may be.


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