Migraines with an Aura

Individual's who have Migraines with an Aura (also referred to as a Classic Migraine) will have many or all of the symptoms of a 'Migraine without an Aura' but will also have additional neurological symptoms which will develop typically over a 5-20 minute period and they will usually last less than 1 hour.

What Does "Aura" Mean?

The term 'aura' describes any type of neurological disturbance that occurs shortly before or during the development of a migraine.
The aura usually lasts less and 1 hour and will fade away with no long-lasting effect.

What is an aura and common symptoms?

An aura is the term given to describe a neurological symptom of a migraine. An aura is most often a visual disturbance.

These visual disturbances may include:
  • Blind spots in the visual field
  • Coloured spots
  • Seeing stars or sparkles
  • Flashing lights before the eyes
  • Experiencing tunnel vision
  • Seeing zig-zag lines
  • Temporary blindness
Other aura symptoms may include:
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Pin and needles in the arms and legs
  • Weakness down one side of the body
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo (a feeling of spinning)
Speech and/or hearing may also be affected. Some individuals may also have memory difficulties, confusion, feelings of fear and more rarely partial paralysis and fainting.

The neurological symptoms usually occur before the headache which may only be mild, or sometimes no headache will follow.

Causes and Triggers

The causes of Migraines with an Aura isn't fully understood. Current understanding is that it is like and an electrical or chemical wave that moves are the visual cortex part of the brain resulting in the visual hallucinations.

The triggers are more-or-less the same ones that trigger other types of migraines. These things can include stress, bright lights, certain foods and medications, too much/little sleep and menstruation.


10-30% of people who have migraines have this type of migraine.

Associated Migraine Types

Basilar-type migraine, retinal migraine and hemiplegic migraines.

Visual Example of an Aura


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